About Us

Our company is providing high-quality halal food products. We conduct food import-export businesses and produce a big range of specialities, each one guaranteed to be tasty and of highest superior quality. Our products include unique varieties of high-quality meat and an extensive range of halal convenience products. All food provided by us is certified by official halal institutes.

Halal Food Poland exemplifies excellent products, highest possible quality standards and resolute customer focus. To achieve the best standard, we are meticulous in our work, and our employees are responsible for the highest quality of our products. Our aim is producing better products every day, and supplying our customers with outstanding service, whenever and wherever needed.


Why choose Halal Food Poland?

  • Extensive network of Halal certified suppliers;
  • 100 per cent Halal products certification – including species, ingredients etc.;
  • Flexible approach for costumer needs;
  • Consumer friendly packing;
  • Highest quality production process;
  • Strict product control.


          YOU CAN RELY ON US!